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PR & Marketing Manager - Full time off site

PR & Marketing Assistant & Interns- Full time & Part time off site

We are seeking a bright, energized and enthusiastic PR & Marketing Manager, Assistants, & Interns who can manage the daily email blast and instagram content and post as well as facilitate outreach for influencer collaborations and celebrities.


Graphic Designer - Freelance, Part time off site


Seeking a Graphic Designer for daily work. Must be able to Utilize Photoshop, Illustrator, Excel, digital photos. Projects include assisting with clothing design process, designing email campaigns, website maintenance, social media ads and graphics.


Social Media Manager - Full time off site


We are seeking an upbeat, energetic, solution oriented and organized individual who can handle social media concerns in a timely manner, plan post,  post on social media, use all related apps.


Fashion Production Assistant- Part time off site

Technical Designer - Freelance


Responsible for managing the design & final sample execution of all product categories for Body from research to idea generation, sketches, CAD, tech pack to final sample and directly reporting to CEO. Will provide strong visual research and create seasonal mood boards. Will be expected to provide support to and works collaboratively with members of the design. Must be able to Utilize Photoshop, Illustrator, Excel, digital photos,  and technical sketches.


Influencers, Bloggers, Photographers, Tastemakers & Models - Freelance


Know you’ve got what it takes to represent USLEPTONME?!

Whether you are a blogger, positive activist, influencer, Youtuber, Photographer, musician, or someone who has felt slept on, underrated or overlooked and knows they can portray the image that we stand for.